BLOG: Wingardium Code-iosa

Humans love a title, especially in business. CTO, CFO, all sounds so fancy. And developers are no different. Today, there are so many different titles for developers, that it can be very overwhelming when you need to decide who is best suited for the project you have in mind.

First there were only engineers. The computer was a simple thing back in the day with no specialty fields. As technology evolved, the rise of a new era emerged that opened the door for developers. This meant that the engineers created the computer, including the technology, and the developers created the software to make it user-friendly (meaning, you and me can also use a computer and not only NASA - thanks developers!!). The internet was born and became mainstream in the late 90’s. That opened up another world where designers emerged beautifying these websites. To see the picture more clearly, I’ll describe the computer, including all its functions, like a tree that keeps on branching out as technology grows. Even some subtitles can form in between the titles, like MERN, LAMP and MEAN. Back then, those were the easy days.

So how do you decide, out of all the different titles, which is the right developer for you? I guess that depends on exactly what you want, but for a SME business with limited funds, the best option would be a Full Stack Developer. Let’s be honest, dealing with a developer can be taxing, but dealing with a team of developers, that takes Dumbledore’esqe powers. When you have to decide on which developer you need for a project, wouldn’t it be easier to deal with one expert in a range of fields. So what exactly is a Full Stack Developer?

That sounds like a sandwich It kinda does, right!? And you’re not too far off. Like a sandwich, there is the top slice (the part you see first), the filling (all the good stuff that makes the sandwich what it is) and then the bottom slice (that keeps all the good stuff inside). It’s an all-in-one. So basically, a Full Stack Developer, like myself, exists to encompass a range of expertise to provide a singular contact for SMEs when they need a developer.

Riddikulus! Like Harry Potter turning a Boggart, which is scary, into something silly, a Full Stack Developer turns dealing with a range of developers into a breeze for a business. Let’s have a look at what skills a Full Stack Developer include?

  • TOP SLICE, otherwise referred to as Front End Skills: Front End(FE) is the part which you will see. A website or an app layout and design. A lot of developers frown upon this part because they think it is not system critical to your project. This is WRONG. What people see of your project is the first sense (and therefore feeling) they experience with your business, and not spending enough time on this will just have a negative effect going forward. So much of perception lies in the visual that not focusing enough on that will just wreck your project.
  • (THE YUMMY FILLING) Back End Skills: Back End (BE) is the first line of contact for your project which no one but the developer sees. When you click a button on a website and some or other loading image pops up, well that is the part where the Back End is doing its work. This is solid Coding (C#, PHP or Java) and is the mystical world where most developers spend hours. It’s where the magic happens, but again, if this is not done right it could become a nightmare. Those nasty error messages (read A Critical Error Occurred) will dominate your life if you don't invest in a good developer. You will have to start finding work arounds and patches just to get the job done. Not ideal!
  • (And lastly, the BOTTOM SLICE) Database Skills: A database, a dark magic object. Creating a database is “easy”. Doing it right is a whole other story. Optimised queries, transactional stability, Congestion efficiency. This is some phrases that should scare anyone without knowledge of a Database. Let’s just say, experience is key when deciding on a Database Developer.

Front End, Back End and Database all have different technologies that can be used, but having someone with a solid knowledge, and even more experience, in all 3 skills will help your business go a long way.

If you are considering a development project for your SME, look not further than a Full Stack Developer. Let me know if you have questions!