BLOG: How developing an in house CRM can save you costs

Are you still printing documents to add your comments by pencil? And printing and adding documents to a file folder? Custom build CRM software can move you from #wrinkly to #trending in a flash...oh yes, and save you a lot of money too.

CRM (Customer Relations Management) software used to be exclusive for the "big" companies like Amazon or Dell. With more developers moving into the market, this has now become accessible for small to medium enterprises, which has changed the game completely for SMEs.

What is a CRM system?
Well honestly, there is a misconception regarding this. Some people believe it's only to manage your relationship with your clients. Kinda like a tool that has your client's details and maybe the history of work that you have done for them. Truth be told, that is part of the explanation, but it goes so much further. I believe in looking at it from a holistic point of view where, yes, it is a client relations manager, but EVERY single process in your business makes part of that client’s experience with you. From communications with them, to resolving any issues quickly, all the way through to making sure their invoice is correct and payments are on time. A CRM is the alpha and omega of how a company conducts themselves, engrained like a philosophy, and this is reflected in your software.

Cost Saving!
But it is expensive! Well yes and no. If you are in business, you understand that your overheads can make or break your profit. Initially, the cost of a CRM can sound like a lot of money. But when going ‘old school’ and doing things manually, there are a lot of costs involved that can be eliminated by using a CRM. These costs can either be direct costs (when you have an automated system that keeps all records you can eliminate things like printing and filing, so no more printers, papers, files, etc.) and they can have an indirect cost impact as well (getting client information at the click of a button, making sure you have all relevant information in front of you to make quick and money-conscious decisions not to mention hours wasted by staff not working optimally). And by using a CRM, you can improve client services which sequentially will keep customers returning and therefore increasing your business revenue.

OK buddy, let's do all the things you wanna do...
Yes, it is easy for me to preach the advantages to you. Maybe there is value in you taking the time to estimate these overheads and wasted production hours and see what you come up with. But before you make your final decision, let me just state the following advantages:

  • LIVE & CUSTOM REPORTING: Since all your data is in one system, all the time and up to the second, you get a running overview of your business. This makes you agile in your decisions to maximise your profits day to day...and let's not forget being in competition against bigger companies, your main advantage to leverage is that you can be more agile.
  • OUT OF THE OFFICE - PLEASE LEAVE A MESSAGE: Well yes but no! A web-based CRM like the one I wrote for Gobi Logistics or YOYO Crates makes them mobile. This means all the staff can access and interact with all the data on any device, anywhere in the world! Let that sink more delays, no more excuses...just efficiency.
  • SHARING IS CARING: Sharing information between teams in your business, or between departments helps everyone make better decisions. This access to information in the end helps improve your clients experience. And we all know a happy customer is a returning customer.

Obsessed with being the best
I like my desktop clean and my email organized. I have found over the years that this makes me much more efficient. I also put less strain on my colleagues, and it reduces stress. For years, I thought I had a pretty good system based on notebooks. In 2008, I had my first experience with Custom CRM software within an organisation and it “rocked my world” forever. It will for you as well!